"Ziprider Attractions?" Not in the Wasatch.

Snowbird Mountain Resort has submitted a request to Salt Lake County for a 2.75 mile long "Ziprider Attraction." 

The FCOZ ordinance is currently helpless from stopping this kind of use in the Wasatch but is being re-written. Now is your opportunity to contact the Salt Lake County Council and ask them to strengthen canyon land use ordinances, giving them the kind of teeth which could limit these uses to existing applications and stave off future ones. We all know that one resort getting access to ziplines and coasters in the Wasatch opens up an arms race for these kinds of uses, guaranteeing their proliferation at other resorts.

In short, we need you to contact the County Council and Mountainous Planning Commission asking for more vigorous land use ordinances, including restricting amusement park style rides in the Wasatch.